Welcome in ATLAS, the biggest gin bar in the world, Singapore

If you are a gin lover you have to put ATLAS on your bucketlist. ATLAS is the largest gin bar in the world and is absolutely out of this world!
We have been there and we can’t wait to tell and show you everything! Are you ready to explore this incredible place?

Literally the largest gin bar in the world

ATLAS is literally the largest gin bar in the world with it’s 690 square meters and more than 1.000 different types of gins!
The gin master of ATLAS indicated that the collection is one of the most diverse and carefully thought-out collections of quality gin. All the gins have one thing in common though; they contain at least 40% alcohol.
However, you can find more drinks on the menu of sixty pages (!). ATLAS serves also cocktails made of other drinks and this makes that ATLAS has the largest beverage collection in the world.

Art deco in ATLAS, Singapore
Art deco interior in ATLAS

Parkview Square 

ATLAS is located in one of the most iconic buildings of Singapore; Parkview Square in Bugis district, also known as the Batman building. Parkview Square was designed by the family Hwang with a reference to the art deco period in the early 1920’s. This was the time that large conglomerates and major economic powers built their own skyscrapers in New York. The motives and details refer to the wealth that people had at that time in New York.

Mr. C. S. Hwang chose solid materials such as granite and marble for the construction of Parkview Square. He wanted to create something that has a long lifespan. This probably had to do with the age of Mr. Hwang; he was already in his seventies when he started this project.

Parkview Square building, Singapore
Isn’t the Parkview Square building amazing?!

Art deco

The family Hwang is also the owner of ATLAS. They had the aim to create a warm, welcoming location which at the same time has the sense of elegance and excellence. The bar and the large lobby area are a dramatic display of the large European lobby bars and cafes from the art deco period (1920-1940). They emit glamour and romance, including matching culinary and beverage traditions! 
We have to admit, the Hwang family turned this location into a bar beyond your wildest dreams! There is so much to see and you can probably sit here for hours if you want to study every detail.

We were impressed by the story behind the paintings. The decorated (art nouveau) ceiling shows antelopes, deer, jaguars and greyhouds which stand for royalty and refer to the estate of Mr. Hwang. The murals go back into time with Cleopatra and the King Toetanchamon; both of them had a huge impact on art deco in the 1920’s.

ATLAS in Singapore, biggest gin bar of the world
Probably the most beautiful bar we have been to..

The famous gin tower

ATLAS is not only famous for the amount of gins; the bar has its own gin tower! This tower is filled with the best and most exclusive gins from the collection. 
The fun part is that this tower wasn’t always filled with gin bottles. The tower was actually filled with bottles of wine before the renovation. The story goes that whenever a customer ordered an exclusive bottle of wine from the tower, an employee had to wear angel wings to collect this particular bottle. At that time, this was absolutely fantastic, but after twelve years it became a parody of itself. Nowadays, when a customer orders an exclusive bottle of gin, the employee just uses the stairs or elevator.

The famous gin tower, ATLAS, Singapore
The famous gin tower!

Prize winner

Since the opening in March 2017 ATLAS has already won multiple awards. ATLAS got awards for “Drink Magazine Bar Awards 2017”, “Bar of the Year (Asia)” and “Best Specialist Concept at the Singapore Bar Awards 2018”.
If we start to check some lists, we can find the ATLAS at number 12 in “Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2017”, at number four of “Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018”. ATLAS also made her debut as the highest newcomer on the list “The world’s 50 Best Bars 2017” and state the number eight of “The world’s 50 Best Bars 2018”.

The other bar in ATLAS, Singapore
Stand on top of the bar and enjoy the interior and amazing gin tower!

Our experience

The gin bar was an absolute must visit for us when we were in Singapore. All these gins and this gin tower.. We just had to see this with our own eyes!
Of course we could not resist to order a gin tonic. We had to test if the drinks here are that special.
For one drink we paid at least twenty-five Singapore dollars, which is converted around fifteen euros. The cocktails itself taste good, but are honestly nothing more than a mix of gin, tonic and one large ice cube. In comparison with the speakeasies we visited, the gin tonics of ATLAS aren’t that special.

Drinks at ATLAS, Singapore
What can we get you?

If we look at the atmosphere in ATLAS, we have to confess that we didn’t have a very good (read: friendly) experience. ATLAS has a very formal setting; staff behind the bar isn’t open for a chat (they didn’t even smile) and our travel clothes weren’t appreciated. We found out that ATLAS has a dress code; after 6pm shorts and sneakers are no longer welcome.. 
In conclusion; yes, this is a must visit for the experience! But if you want to chill and relax and enjoy good cocktails, we would highly recommend you to go to speakeasies (those places will be shared in the upcoming blogs btw!).

Watching the gin tower at ATLAS, Singapore
Thinking how impressive the gin tower actually is

More information

If you wish to visit ATLAS yourself, please find the address here: Parkview Square Singapore 188778, 600 North Bridge Road,. 
If you have any questions regarding this blog, you can always contact us! If you wish more information about Singapore, don’t forget to read our previous blog!

One of the two bars in ATLAS, Singapore