Welcome to our travel blog where we share our travel stories in words and videos, lessons learned around the globe and must visit destinations & hotspots. We hope to inspire you for your next trip(s) and make them perfect! 🌴

Meet us

We fell in love, booked our first trip and found out that we share a big love for traveling!

Who we are?

We are Pascal and Denise, 32 and 30 y/o and both born and raised in the Netherlands.
After our first trip to Okinawa we found out that we both have the same passion; traveling the world and discover as much as possible! During a long and boring stopover in China we deciced to share our travel stories and lessons learned around the globe with the rest of the world. dutchies on the Go was born!

This travel blog is our place where we want to inspire and help you with new travel plans and show you the beautiful world around you. There are some magical places around us!


We have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world already.
Pascal traveled to several European countries, Africa and Asia. But besides traveling to sunny places, he also loves to go to the winter wonderland countries. He is a big fan of snowboarding and he makes sure he visits the high mountains once a year.
Denise traveled to several European countries as well, but also spent some time in Southern Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. She lived in South Africa and although she lost her heart to this amazing country, her love for Asia is growing. It’s on her bucketlist to explore more of this beautiful part of the world.

Time to give something back!

The world inspires us, gives us the energy and positives vibes we need as travelers, gives us the opportunity to meet amazing people and shares its beautiful nature with us.
It is time to give something back, don’t you think?
Every time we travel to a new place, we will give something back to support the locals and the country we are in. It is not always easy to find something or somebody who we could support, so if you have any interesting ideas or opportunities; we would love to hear them!

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