Mayrhofen in Austria is the Wintersports destination for this year! Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat. We waited for this moment for a while and finally we could tick the box. In this blog we show you why Mayrhofen is the perfect Wintersports destination!

Summer bookings

The summer period is the perfect time for us to start searching for the next Wintersports destination. There is a huge accommodation availability in this period and we have much more options than when we book our stay only one or two months in advance. Most of the time we find ourselves a great deal as well! This time we found an amazing villa in the village Brugger Dörfl in the middle of Mayrhofen.

Mayrhofen from above, Austria

Mayrhofen wiki

Mayrhofen is part of the Zillertal 3000 area which is well known for its 136 km of pistes. You can enjoy the rides of 40 km (blue piste), 66 km (red piste) or 30 km (black piste). The altitude of Mayrhofen is 633 meters, while the biggest ski area knows heights up to 2500 meter.
For the daredevils there is something else that makes Mayrhofen such a great Wintersports destination; Mayrhofen has the steepest black slope of Austria. It is called the “Harakiri” and at some point it inclines up to 78%.
Of course we had to try the Harakiri and hereby I confirm that this is crazy steep and scary at the same time!

Mayrhofen ski area map, Austria

Gondolas to get around and being an eskimo for a day

There are two gondolas in the city center of Mayrhofen which you could use to get around; Penkenbahn and Ahornbahn. Penkenbahn takes you all the way up to the (big) ski area, while Ahornbahn shows you a smaller area which is home to the “White Lounge”. Make sure you take the Ahornbahn gondola one day to visit this White Lounge; it is an enormous iglo with a hotel and ice bar. If you are not afraid of cold nights, you could even book a room for one or more nights. Prices start from €159 per night and the iglo has place for 28 eskimos.

Being an eskimo for the day at The White Lounge, Mayrhofen, Austria

The White Lounge is the perfect mountain hotspot to relax with an ice cold drink!

Ice bar in Mayrhofen, Austria

The most natural movie theatre can be found here as well. Isn’t this pretty?

Natural movie theater in Mayrhofen. Isn't the view pretty?

Our favorite lunch spot in Mayrhofen

There is one particular lunch spot in the Penken ski area which we really loved! This spot can be found right next to the funpark. Every day we spend hours in one of the swings or Fatboys, while enjoying the sunny weather, food and drinks.
At this place you don’t have to worry about getting your drinks, pizza or flammkuchen because there is a guy named Andy who will take your order and bring it to you! How sweet is that!

Favorite lunch spot in the Penken ski area, Mayrhofen

Where to stay in Mayrhofen

It is said that Dutch people always try to get the best value for their money. I believe we can check this box for our Wintersports trip to Mayrhofen!
We booked our accommodation in Brugger Dörfl via the online Wintersports travel agency Bizztravel. We got ourselves a villa for seven days, ten persons and a six-day skipass (€249) for “only” € 475 per person (based on ten persons)!

Villa's in Brugger Dorfl, Mayrhofen, Austria

Brugger Dörfl is actually a little, created village of eighteen four-star villa’s in the middle of Mayrhofen.
The location is absolutely brilliant! It is just 200 meters away from the gondolas to the ski area and the White Lounge.

Brugger Dorfl, Mayrhofen, Austria

Let’s check out our villa!

We enjoyed our stay and therefore I would love to show you our Wintersports home. Before entering the villa we had to take a little walk downstairs..

Entrance of our villa in Mayrhofen, Austria

Because here we could find our own (heated!) ski storage. This made us very happy after a long day of skiing and snowboarding.

Ski storage in our villa, Mayrhofen, Austria

The place where we started our (early) mornings; the kitchen, including an oven for freshly baked breads.

Kitchen in our villa, Mayrhofen, Austria

Our cosy living room with TV. Although it might look quite small for ten persons, for us it was all right. Most of the time we were outside.

Living room in our villa, Mayrhofen, Austria

One of the bedrooms. Our village has four rooms with three balconies. One tip: always pick the room with the balcony!

Bedroom in our villa, Mayrhofen, Austria

Because then you will wake up and end the day with beautiful white Mayrhofen mountain views..

Balcony of our villa, Mayrhofen, Austria

Après-ski in Mayrhofen

A great après-ski is a must for us during our Wintersports trips. Luckily for all of us Mayrhofen has one!
The most famous places in the middle of the village are the ICE bar and Brück’n Stadl. We honestly liked Brück’n Stadl more than the ICE bar because it gave us the real après-ski feeling. A lot of wood has been used to create the right atmosphere, only original après-ski songs are played and artists like Antonia aus Tirol are coming over to make the night complete.
If you prefer to visit an après-ski hotspot on the piste, the Pilzbar would be the perfect place to be!

Way to the après-ski hotspot Pilzbar, Mayrhofen, Austria

Food in Mayrhofen

This time we decided to book a villa with our own kitchen so that we could prepare the dinner ourselves. The Spar supermarket was just around the corner which made our decision even easier.
Nevertheless, we still had to visit restaurants during the day for a good lunch. All the restaurants serve good quality food and there is a big variety of meals (and pricing). Most of the time I ordered a big salade, goulash soup or chicken together with a weissbeer. The best fuel to rock the slopes!

Mayrhofen, Lunch time

Mayrhofen’s pro’s and cons

We definitely enjoyed our stay in Mayrhofen and I would truly recommend this Wintersports destination in Austria. However, we do believe that we have to share the pro’s and cons to make the story complete and to make sure you could make the right desicion.
So here we go! Reasons to go to Mayrhofen are the big ski area, a particular snow area and fun park, a great après-ski and of course the variety of food in drinks in all price categories. The cons of Mayrhofen are that there is no downhill piste and it can become very busy during the holiday season.

If you are planning to visit Mayrhofen or if you have been there already, we would love to hear from you. You could contact us anytime. Please don’t forget to check out our other Wintersports blog and video about Mayrhofen!